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Interoperability Showcases

Access to Interoperable Electronic Health Records by 2014
The goal has been set…by President Bush…for most Americans to have access to interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) by 2014. HIMSS and our industry partners recognize that deadline and are working together to continue to demonstrate the value and benefits of an interoperable EHR at the Interoperability Showcase on the exhibit floor at HIMSS 2007.

Ability to Track Your Personal Electronic Health Record
The Interoperability Showcase features cutting-edge technology and standards that create an interactive environment where attendees experience interoperability up close and personal. Attendees will be able to create their electronic health record and access it across multiple healthcare settings within the Showcase which will be structured as a HIMSS Regional Health Information Infrastructure Organization (RHIO). Clinical scenarios will be enabled by the standards-based Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) framework. Last year, over 3,000 of HIMSS' annual conference attendees visited the Interoperability Showcase and more than 700 attendees created and tracked their own health record. During the process they interacted with 48 different vendor applications from 37 individual vendors who have adopted IHE as part of their interoperability strategy.

Sharing Health Information at the Interoperability Showcase
The Showcase will feature cutting-edge technology and standards that create an interactive environment with multiple healthcare settings within the RHIO. Interoperability will be demonstrated in existing electronic health record (EHR) and other health IT products, including laboratory results, radiology images, medical summaries, referrals, personal health records (PHR), and cardiology reports. By visiting the Showcase, attendees will gain an understanding of information technology (IT) applications in multiple and diverse patient care settings.  These applications will illustrate why interoperability is critical for seamless workflows and demonstrate the range of products offered that support EHR requirements. The realization for information technology to transform the healthcare industry is inevitable, and a national vision we all share. Not only do we want to have the best science, infrastructure and professionals in the world, but also the best value, safety and productivity. Now is the time to deliver healthcare that results in interconnected and personalized care, based on safer and smarter architecture. Now is the time to transform this vision into a reality.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
Through this RHIO, attendees will find out how they, as patients, can be more active participants in their own healthcare management. Clinical scenarios will be enabled by the standards-based Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) framework, demonstrating how different companies incorporate interoperability into their products.  Separate theaters, or presentation areas, will be located within the Showcase featuring educational sessions on IHE, issues and insights from industry leaders in a new directions area, RHIO activities, federal agency interoperability initiatives and standards development programs.

After leaving the HIMSS RHIO
Attendees will also be able to visit select vendor exhibit booths to access their self-created personal health records and see how different companies incorporate IHE – and thus interoperability – into their products.

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